About 10-33 Solutions

Founded by first responders for first responders.

The Story Behind 10-33 Solutions

10-33 Solutions was formed by two retired police officers during the early onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. The initial goal was to stay connected and to help all emergency services in dealing with the pandemic. As the name indicates,10-33 is 10 code for emergency. Although we have an in depth knowledge of how we can help all emergency services, our products and services have spread to a variety of businesses within various communities.

Our mission is to provide our products and services in a timely and effective manner, with the intent of eliminating risk to communities. We will do this by working with our customers in addressing their needs and developing a solution in combating all potential contagious health threats.

Whether you are an emergency service, medical professional, recreational facility, or any other type of organization, with 10-33 Solutions you will personally receive the utmost customer service and, if there is ever an issue, we guarantee to make things right. We put our badge on it!

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Health Canada registered
disinfectant – DIN#
: 02362546
EPA Establishment #: 087148-CAN-001
EPA Registration #: 86854-1

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